Holler Glass Block : Kevin Holler builds and installs all applications of glass block, Kevin Holler builds the best glass block basement windows and the most beautiful glass block showers in Minnesota .  Holler Glass Block works on new home construction as well as remodeling projects.  Call Kevin today : 612-270-5205, 612-522-6164,  4420 Humboldt Ave north, Minneapolis, 55412.  Brooklyn Center, Robbinsdale, Woodbury, Edina, Brooklyn Park, Columbia Heights, St. Paul, all the Twin CIties and Metro area   .jpg

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Kevin Holler is a glass block specialist who has been serving customers in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding areas since 1990.  

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4420 Humboldt ave north minneapolis Holler Glass Block Kevin Holler is a glass block installation specialist in Minneapolis - since 1990

Holler Glass Block
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Kevin Holler 4111 Washburn Ave N  Minneapolis  Kevin and Valerie Holler 4111 Washburn n Minneapolis MN  Holler Glass Block